Stock Art Tips

Stock Art Tips

The use of stock art and stock photography can be a great way to save your business time and money when creating direct mail advertisements, promotional materials, adding imagery to your website, etc.

Here are a few tips to consider when using stock art:
Purchase images and avoid downloading watermark versions. “To discourage illegal usage, stock art websites often place a watermark image on unpurchased art.” If a watermark appears on your image, it’s an obvious sign that you did not purchase the image.

Don’t cut corners on resolution size because it’s cheaper. Ensure the resolution is adequate for the project in which you will be using the image. If you can’t afford a photo that meets your size requirement, find a new photo.

Be creative with imagery to represent your business. For example, a computer company should expand beyond product photos only and use real-life imagery of people using computers.

Avoid using stock photos when you could easily photograph something yourself, or use more realistic imagery, such as photos of your employees, your office, your products, etc.

Always use photos that reinforce your message and have a connection to your text or product information.

Ensure your stock art is timely and not outdated. Watch for clothing, haircuts, technology, vehicles, etc. that could suggest the photo is dated.

If you’re ever in doubt about a stock art decision, give us a call. Our team of creative experts is here to offer advice and/or help you find the perfect imagery.